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Cobra® HYBRID deck fastening clip

Quick and easy to install, invisible and removable clips

Quick to install
Good stability
All you need to know
  • Patented system (no. DM203548)
  • Simple and quick: the clip is pre-equipped with a screw
  • Dismantling of one or more boards possible
  • Clip compatible with wooden boards 20 to 25 mm thick
  • Neat finish: invisible clips
  • Material resistant to all types of weather conditions

The Cobra Hybrid clip concept

The Cobra® Hybrid 8-18 clip is a clip made from 2 materials in matt black to avoid sun glare. Stainless steel hooks underneath the clip ensure that your wooden decking boards are held securely and efficiently against the joists.

Quick and easy installation

No specific tools are required to install the boards with Cobra Hybrid fixing clips, which saves 30% of the time needed to install your wood deck, compared to installing it with screws.

The screw pre-assembled into the clips is self-drilling and is sufficient to ensure a secure fit. The end cap supplied with the clips and screws allows the Cobra Hybrid fixing clips to be attached to the joists.

Installation of the Cobra® Hybrid clip


Clip: Stainless steel 304 (A2) + Polyamide (Nylon)
Screw: Stainless steel 410 (C1)
4.5mm (width) x 30mm (length) hardened stainless steel 410
Stainless steel plate thickness: 1.5mm
90 clips
90 pre-assembled screws
1 torx endcap
courbe technique de résistance

Resistance to tearing

Our engineers have developed this product with two complementary and innovative materials that make it a revolutionary decking accessory. The Cobra® Hybrid 8-18 clip and its screw are unresponsive to oxidation, resistant to very high temperatures and to all types of external attack (frost, chlorine, insects, humidity...). 

The tearing resistance varies according to the type of joist: 

  • 320 kg on exotic wood joists 
  • 135 kg on resinous wood joists
  • 205 kg on aluminium joists

For projects in a so-called "polluted" environment, in the immediate vicinity of the coast (less than 50 metres away) or in a confined environment (little ventilation and a constant saline atmosphere), please contact us.

fixation sur lambourde aluminium et bois

A clip for installation on wooden and aluminium joists

The Cobra Hybrid clip can be used on all types of joists, whether wooden or aluminium, thanks to its high-performance self-drilling screw. The clip has been designed and developed to meet all wooden deck projects.

The hooks are made from stainless steel 304. This austenitic stainless steel is frequently used in outdoor accessories and tools. This material guarantees the hardness of the clip, ensures the best possible hold for the board against the joists, while attenuating the board expansion.

schéma technique du clip cobra hybrid

Composition of the clip Cobra Hybrid

The pre-assembled self-drilling screw is made of hardened stainless steel 410. It is a metal alloy used for the wood screw range, turbines, pumps and for cutlery. This versatile material is renowned for its high resistance.

The base is made of polyamide, more commonly known as Nylon. This material is often found in the automotive industry, in the manufacture of industrial mechanical parts and in photovoltaics. Its primary qualities are its resistance to wear and durability. The choice of this versatile thermoplastic material was made for several reasons. Indeed, in addition to its excellent mechanical and thermal resistance, it has a low friction coefficient, good electrical insulation, and a high dampening power. Thus, the clips provide excellent support for the boards over time.

Optional : start and end clip

The Start/End clip or the Start and End clip can also be used to avoid any visible screw marks on the terrace. It is a clip made for obtaining a very neat and invisible finish.

If this clip is not used, the Cobra® stainless steel screws with coloured heads can be used. 

Installing deck boards with the Cobra Hybrid clip

The Cobra® Hybrid clip allows for a quick and easy installation of your decking boards. The clip and screw are pre-assembled and all that remains is to screw them into the aluminium or wooden joists. The design of this clip has been thought out to make decking installation much faster and less restrictive.

installation du clip cobra hybrid

A dismountable structure

The special end cap for screwing and unscrewing the clips is supplied with the clips and screws. The possibility of being able to remove or replace a board is a big advantage, for example to access the cables underneath the decking without having to dismantle the whole installation.

We unscrew

1 - unscrew the clips

2 - the clips ends are spread apart

We replace

3 - the old board is removed

4 - the new board is placed

We screw

5 – reset the clips

6 - the new board is screwed on

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