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StructurAL® aluminium joist

A durable and resistant structure for wooden decks

25-year warranty
Very stable
All you need to know
  • Rotproof - Weatherproof
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Demountable modular concept
  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • No deformation - Perfect flatness
  • 25-year warranty - long life

A modular and sustainable concept

StructurAL® aluminium joists have a concept for joining aluminium joists together. These joists are clipped onto the NIVO adjustable PVC pedestals. StructurAL joists can be used to lay both wooden decks and ceramic tiles. 

Made of aluminium, these joists are rot-proof and therefore ultra-resistant over time. This type of structure is more efficient than wooden structures: it meets the latest DTU standards and has a much longer lifespan.

Installation of StructurAL joists

Characteristics of the joist

Section : 40x60mm
Length: 3m
Thickness: 2mm
Matt black powder-coated aluminium
Alloy 6063 T5
Associated components
Aluminium bracket 35x35x35mm
Joist connection sleeve 35x175mm
Galvanised self-drilling screws with hexagonal head 4.8x19 mm
NIVO®Tile overhang
Clip Cobra Tee Al +Universel
Start / end clip
EPDM adhesive tape
Clip-on/off system thanks to the NIVO overhang
80 cm between 2 pedestals

Installation and dismantling of the StructurAL® joist

The installation of the joists on pedestals is very simple: it clips onto the pedestal and can be unclipped with a simple press!

Durability in every situation

A structure with StructurAL joists offers the guarantee of a rot-proof base, insensitive to external attack and with an incomparable lifespan. These joists are suitable for all environments: humid environments, saline environments.... No deformation of the joists is possible.

As the structure is the base of a terrace, it must be as stable and resistant as possible. Aluminium is the most reliable material for terrace structures.

Quick and easy installation

Easy to install

The StructurAL joists have a specific profile allowing them to be easily clipped onto an overhang placed on NIVO pedestals. This innovative concept allows the structure to be easily installed and dismantled thanks to the assembly accessories.

Fixing with universal clip

Thanks to the two sides of the reversible joist, 2 types of installation are possible:

  • Traditional laying on the smooth side, with CobraRazorSpin self-drillingscrews. 
  • Installation with Cobra Tee AL clips for an invisible finish. These clips have been specially developed for this joist. 

Components of the StructurAL® concept

  • Bracket
    • • Fixing the spacers
    • • Dimensions 35x35x35mm
    • • Self-drilling screws supplied
  • Cobra Tee AL
    • • For Wood & Wood Composite Terrace
    • • Universal bi-material clip
    • • Integrated screw
    • • Supplied in bags of 90 clips + screws
  • Joist connection sleeve
    • • For joist connection
    • • Dimensions: 35x175mm
    • • Self-drilling screws supplied
  • Start/end clip
    • • Matt black powder-coated clip
    • • Adapts to the thickness of the deck board
    • • Dimensions : 35x175mm
    • • Self-drilling screws supplied
  • Overhang
    • • Connecting piece between adjustable pedestals and aluminium joists
    • • Allows the joists to be clipped on and off
    • • Easy disassembly
  • Stainless steel screws for aluminium joist finish
    • • Brown or grey powder-coated screws
    • • Adapts to the colour of the deck board
    • • Dimensions 4x35mm
    • • TORX T5 head
  • Self-adhesive EPDM tape 20m
    • • 10 x 5 mm - length 20 m
    • • Vibration and noise attenuation
    • • Density: 110 kg/m3 - Shore A: 35

Technical documents

  • Fiche produit StructurAL terrasse bois.pdf

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