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Stainless steel screws for aluminium joists

A self-drilling stainless-steel 316 screw for aluminium joists

Simple and direct screwing
Stable and longlasting
All you need to know
  • 316 stainless steel screws with breakaway blades
  • Highly resistant - suitable for all environments
  • Self-drilling: no more need for pre-drilling
  • Perforates wood and aluminium
  • Narrow and discreet head
  • Deep Torx head for more power


Stainless steel 316
Self-drilling point
Split fins in aluminium

Fixing on aluminium structure

The Cobra Razorspin self-drilling screw allows the fixing of exotic wood or class 4 CTB B+ treated wood decking boards onto aluminium joists.

Manufactured in A4 stainless steel (316 stainless steel), these screws are suitable for highly exposed environments such as the seaside. 

Thanks to the self-drilling tip, there is no pre-drilling required for this screw be it in either aluminium or wood!
This screw is also suitable for wooden joists.

Screws available in 5x40mm and 5x50mm

Technical documents

  • .pdf

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