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Cobra® WRENCH board straightener

Can be handled with one hand: right or left

Time saving
redresseur de lame cobra wrench
All you need to know
  • Adjustable to the dimensions of the joists
  • Robust and resistant
  • Easy to use / Right and left-handed use
  • Time saving
  • Light and easy to handle

The Cobra® WRENCH is an innovative and ergonomic deck board straightener, unique on the market. It makes it very easy to straighten your wooden deck boards that have suffered from warping, "banana effect" or twisted boards and saves you precious time when laying your decking.

Use of Cobra® WRENCH


Cast aluminium handle and head
Stainless steel pins
Rubber handle
1,5 kg
Joist section
Variable height from 28 to 150 mm
Supplied with 2 additional stainless-steel pins for replacement.
1 hand: right- or left-handed
packaging du cobra wrench

Straighten your deck boards easily and effortlessly

The size of the pins and their adjustable positioning allows them to adapt perfectly to all joist sections and heights. Installing a twisted or deformed board becomes child's play!

No fixing, two pins at the end of the handle get stuck over the width of the joist. Thanks to its lever system, the force exerted is multiplied, making it even easier to use. The board can therefore be straightened without using force.

A practical and lightweight tool to save time

The Cobra WRENCH deck board straightener, made of aluminium, is a particularly light-weight tool. It can be operated with one hand. It is modular and reversible, so it can be used by both right- and left-handed people.

With this board straightener, you will save precious time to put your twisted boards back in the right direction and obtain a professional result.

Right hand - Left hand

We have designed this rectifier to make it modular and therefore usable with the right or left hand. It also allows you to straighten twisted boards against a wall, simply by choosing the clamping side.

Suitable for all joist sections

The Cobra® WRENCH slat straightener is supplied with 2 stainless steel pins that allow it to adapt to all joist height configurations. The pins can be positioned in several places on the tool head to support the joists.

The straightener then pushes the deformed deck board and locks it in an upright position, leaving both hands free to fix it easily with screws or clips.

In one quick movement, your board is straightened and fixed. 2 sizes of stainless-steel pins are supplied with the deck board straightener so that it can be adapted to all joist sections, from 28 to 150 mm high.

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