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Foundation ground screw

Anchor your terrace without concrete

5 mn per screw
High stability
Resist sinking
All you need to know
  • Stable anchoring even in soft ground
  • L-profile included for fixing the joists
  • Quick to install - 5 mn
  • Manual installation with lever arm or bolting machine
  • Concrete-free - no drying

Presentation of the NIVO® foundation screw

The NIVO® foundation screw is equipped with a "harpoon" point so that it can be driven into loose soil. These screws create a very stable structure for cross-joisting: joists to joists (e.g. 45 x 145 mm joists and 50 x 75 mm joists).

The NIVO® foundation screws have an L-shaped bracket, adjustable in width by a few centimetres

The average number of screws per m² is 1.5.


Certified French standard
NF P 94-150-1
25 cm to 55 cm above ground
Hot-dip galvanised steel according to the European standard NF EN ISO 1461 :2009
Screw dimensions
Screw: 800 mm (L) x 60 mm (diameter) x 3 mm (th)
L-bracket: 800 mm (L) x 60 mm (diameter) x 3 mm (th)
Threaded rod diameter
16 mm
Weight of screw + bracket
5,50 kg

About the L-bracket

The NIVO® foundation screw is supplied with an adjustable "L" bracket on a 25cm long (16mm diameter) threaded rod.

The adjustment of the bracket allows for several types of joists to be accommodated.

Quick and easy installation

NIVO foundation screws avoid having to wait for the concrete to dry, always going hand in hand with a polluting and tedious handling. You therefore save valuable time before starting the installation of your deck.

As soon as the foundation screws have been installed, you can start installing your terrace without waiting.

The price of a foundation with a NIVO foundation screw is higher when purchased, but this is very quickly compensated with the laying speed and the low impact on the ground. Installation is much quicker and therefore more economical.

Resistance tests

A Cofrac accredited laboratory carried out a series of tests to determine the resistance of NIVO foundation screws to compression in a soil consisting of a mix of topsoil and slate slab fill, depending on its burial depth: 75 cm and 65 cm.

The NIVO® Foundation Screw has been tested according to the French standard NF P 94-150-1 in silty-clay fill type A1. 

In view of the diversity of soils, the tests were carried out on "medium to low compaction backfill" (measured by penetrometer sounding - Qd index = 2.7MPa) in order to be able to test the NIVO® foundation screws under relatively unfavourable conditions and to provide the widest possible range of applications.

Installation of the NIVO® screw

In this video an example of the use of NIVO® foundation screws for the realisation of a 45cm high raised terrace on a backfill.

Manual tool

For manual screwing of the NIVO foundation screws, use the adjustable screwing bar. It consists of a pre-drilled mat which allows you to adjust the height of the clamping bar as you screw in (160 cm span, 3 mm thick). 3 bolts + nuts are used to secure the tool to the screw (requires the presence of 2 people).

Adapter for bolting machine

To facilitate installation, we have developed a 41 mm diameter socket adapter, allowing the use of a bolting machine (minimum power 700 Watts). 3 bolts + nuts are used to secure the adapter to the screw, screwing can then be carried out by 1 person (allow 5 minutes of screwing time per screw).

Technical documents

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