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Bamboo SYMPHONY Cladding

Giving Rhythm to Any Facade

Symphony 40
Symphony 60
Symphony 130
All You Need To Know
  • 3 interlocking false skeleton profiles
  • Installed using SYMPHONY stainless steel clips
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Very stable


Voluminous mass
1150 kg/m3
8.61 kg/mm²
NF EN 1534-2010
Artificial Aging
∆E = 1.69
ISO 4892-3
Dimensional Stability
EN 317 : 1993
(24h in water at 20°C)
Emission Formaldehyde
EN 717-1 : 2004
1st Class
CEN / TS 15083-1 EN
EN 350
Fire Classification
C-s1 d0
14060 MPa
EN ISO 178-2019
FelixWood Profiles
  • Symphony 40 : Triple rhombus 18x139mm
  • Symphony 60 : Double rhombus 18x139mm
  • Symphony 130 : Single section 18x139mm

A Variety of Options

SYMPHONY cladding is very unique because it offers a wide variety of combinations for customizing your facade. Its 3 compatible profiles allow you to create different patterns. The panels can be installed in a regular installation, using panels with the same widths, or in a rhythmic installation, using panels of varying widths. Using interlocking panels of varying widths creates an original and unique look. The cladding can also be installed both horizontally or vertically.

The cladding is produced by heating bamboo fibers to a very high temperature (200°C) in order to make them insensitive to mold and fungi. The thermo-treated bamboo fibers are then pressed together and combined with a phenolic resin. The result is a particularly stable and durable material, perfectly suited for use in outdoor applications, such as facade cladding.

SYMPHONY planks are offered with a matte oiled finish. They are mounted using completely invisible stainless steel clips.

Creating a Neat Finish with Clip-on Installation

SYMPHONY bamboo cladding is easy to install thanks to the SYMPHONY stainless steel fixing clips.

These clips have been specially developed for mounting SYMPHONY cladding and provide it with good support and great stability over time. The clips allow a simpler, faster and invisible installation.

The clip design provides for a 2mm ventilation gap between the cladding and the wooden back rail.

A bag of 100 clips + stainless steel screws can fix approximately 7.5m² of cladding.

Vertical or Horizontal Installation

SYMPHONY heat-treated bamboo cladding can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The panels must be attached to a substructure of wooden slats/rails spaced 40 mm wide. A space of 10 cm must be maintained between the bottom and the first rails of the rear construction.

The maximum center distance between the rear rails is 60 cm, for both horizontal and vertical mounting.

Bamboo, a sustainable and ecological plant

Bamboo: An Abundant and Renewable Material

Bamboo is a very fast growing plant that is naturally sustainable. Some shoots can grow several tens of centimeters per day. In general, the plant matures in less than 5 years. When cut, the bamboo root (rhizome) immediately starts to produce new shoots, regenerating the plantation.

The high temperature treatment that FelixWood’s bamboo goes through makes it stable and durable for versatile applications, such as decking and cladding.

FelixWood’s bamboo offers durability and quality that is comparable to the very best tropical hardwood.

Bamboo is a fast growing plant. It is an almost inexhaustible resource because it regenerates so quickly. Under normal circumstances, 25% of the bamboo canes can be harvested annually without the plantation shrinking. Bamboo grows back quickly because the roots do not die after harvest. Harvesting the mature bamboo canes increases the yield of the plantation and improves the quality of the bamboo.

No clear-cutting takes place in the plantations. In addition, carbon dioxide is stored in the manufactured cladding and decking for decades! Approximately 1300 kg of CO2 is stored in 1 m3 of thermally modified bamboo.

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