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SILENZO acoustic wall

A fence to protect you from noise

silenzo acoustic wall
Sustainable wood
10-year warranty
Easy to install
The Concept
  • Reduces noise transmission by more than 50%.
  • Modular from 0.6 to 3 m in height
  • Easy to install
  • 10-year warranty
  • FSC certified
Silenzo Reflect / Absorb
  • Noise barrier made from two solid wood faces
  • Insulation by a complex of wood - rock wool - wood
  • Insulation through absorption / reflection
  • Maximum height : 3 m
  • Thickness: 64 mm


Softwood / Northern Fir treated in class 3 autoclave - CTB B+ certified
Mineral wool density 60 kg/m3 - thickness 30 m
Panel size
60 x 210 cm
thickness: 64 mm
Panel weight
Reflect : 25 kg
Absorb : 23 kg
Reflect Rw panel (C;Ct)
30 (-1;-5) dB selon ISO 717-1
Absorb Rw panel (C;Ct)
29 (-1;-3) dB according to ISO 717-1
Absorb panel ∝w
0.65 - Class C - High Performance according to ISO 354:2003 and ISO 11654: 1997

SILENZO® Reflect

SILENZO® noise barriers are made up of a solid wood complex treated in an autoclave and a 30 mm thick hydrophobic soundproofing layer of high density rock wool.

SILENZO® panels are quickly installed by interlocking with H-shaped posts with a cross-section of 120 x 116 mm. Metal reinforcements stiffen the structure for any height greater or equal to 2.4 m.

SILENZO Reflect attenuates noise transmission as much as possible (Rw index = 30 dB).

This panel is particularly effective as a sound-reflecting insulation.


A panel made up of one side of solid wood and the other of thin horizontal 15x42mm section lathes that trap sounds.

The 30mm thick hydrophobic mineral wool is coated on one side with a black geotextile film to give the fibres a better hold, but also to provide a contemporary look.

With an absorption coefficient α= 0.65, SILENZO® Absorb is classified as category C - High Performance.


From a scale plan, you will draw the "shadow line" connecting a virtual point representing the source of the noise to the area you wish to protect.

You will make sure that this area is below the shadow line (in green on the sketch below). The SILENZO wall makes it possible to create a noise-protected space behind the wall in an area delimited by the direct path of the sound above the wall and taking into account a certain amount of diffraction.


Distance A: From the noise source to the wall
Distance B: The size of the garden to be protected (acoustic shadow zone behind the screen)
Distance H: Wall height

  Distance from the source (A)  

                     0-20 m

               20-30 m

                30-50 m

   + more than 50 m

 B: 0-20 m

H: 180 cm

H: 220 cm

H: 240-270 cm

H: 300 cm 

 B: 20-30 m

H: 220 cm

H: 240-270 cm

H: 300 cm

H: 350 cm

 B : more than 30 m

H: 240 cm

H: 300 cm

H: 350 cm

H: 400 cm


Acoustic tests SILENZO Reflect

SILENZO Reflect attenuates noise transmission as much as possible.

Rw (C;Ctr) = 30 (-1;-5) dB according to ISO 717-1

Laboratoire Eco Scan Test n°2014-EC-103-F686/41863-FR

Acoustic tests SILENZO Absorb

Sound attenuation Rw

Rw (C;Ctr) = 29 (-1;-3) dB according to ISO 717-1

Laboratoire Eco Scan Test n°A-2015-ZO-1676-G478/42226-FR



Silenzo Absorb Alpha W coefficient

SILENZO® Absorb offers outstanding absorption performance.

∝w 0.65 - Class C - High Performance according to ISO 354:2003 and ISO 11654: 1997

Laboratoire Eco Scan Test n°A-2015-ZO-1676-1/42221-FR

Sound absorption is measured using the alpha sound absorption coefficient (α), which has a value between 0 and 1.00. Zero represents the absence of absorption (total reflection), and 1.00 represents total sound absorption.



SILENZO fence installation

SILENZO fencing is installed by simply fitting the panels into each other using double tongue and groove joints. The panels also fit into the U-shaped posts and must be fixed with stainless steel screws.

We recommend brushing the bottom of the posts with tar paint on a bed of sand for better drainage and to protect the treated wood.

Reinforcement with metal posts

For 2.4 m and 3 m fences, it is necessary to reinforce the wooden posts with optional galvanised steel reinforcements. This makes the structure more rigid.


Components list

  • Reflect panel 60x210cm
    Weight: 25 kg; Thickness 64 mm; Insulator : 30mm.
  • Absorb panel 60x210cm
    Lattis : 15 x 25 mm; Weight: 25 kg; Thickness 64 mm; Insulator 30mm.
  • H-shaped post
    Post H : 116 x 120 x 2400 mm; Post H : 116 x 120 x 3300 mm; Post H : 116 x 120 x 3900 mm
  • Attachment plate in stainless steel
    Attachment plate for post 120 x 120 mm; (max. height 120 cm)
  • Cover SILENZO®
    Finishing blade : 45 x 90 cm
  • Post cap
    Size : 124 x 124 mm
  • Reinforcement for post
    Galvanised metal reinforcement; 60 x 80 x 2000 mm
  • Hardware for metal reinforcement
    Fixing the metal reinforcement

Technical documents

  • Installation SILENZO noise barier.pdf

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