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Stainless steel screws for wood joists

A stainless steel wood screw for deck boards

Simple and fast
Very stable
All you need to know
  • A.: Deep Torx T25 head to avoid tip slippage
  • B.: Notches under the head to ensure locking at the end of the stroke.
  • C.: Helicoidal thread to facilitate the passage of the screw
  • D.: Sharp end to prevent wood splitting
  • E.: Sharpened thread for better penetration
  • No need for pre-drilling
  • Stainless steel 304 screws

A self-drilling stainless steel screw for easy installation.

The Cobra self-drilling stainless steel screw has been developed to facilitate the fixing of your deck boards on wooden joists.

Made of A2 stainless steel, this resistant screw fixes and stabilises your decking effectively. Stainless steel 304 (A2) is frequently used for outdoors because of its durability and stability over time.

The quality of these screws allows them to perforate and fix all types of wooden deck boards with varying densities: exotic wood, softwood, pine, composite... 


Stainless steel 304 (A2)
5x50mm, 5x60mm, 6x70mm
Screw head diameter
8,7 mm
T25 TORX deep TORX
impressionT25 Tip supplied

Screws suitable for all uses

Screws suitable for all uses

The length of the screw should be 2.5 times the thickness of the decking. 3 screw sizes are available, with one size adapted to each decking thickness, to comply with DTU 51-4:

  5x50 mm  

  Decking up to 21 mm

  5x60 mm

  Maximum 27 mm softwood decking

  6x70 mm

  Hardwood decking up to 28 mm in thickness


Fixing on wooden joists

Two stainless steel screws are required per fixing pointThe board must be pre-drilled with the same drill bit diameter, or even slightly larger than the screw diameter + countersink. The upper bare side of the countersunk screw must be slightly smaller than the upper side of the board (2mm).

The distance between the edges of the board is 1.5 to 2 cm. Always fix the ends of the boards less than 5 cm from the edge.

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